Aran Sock Trio:

Page 3, Diamond Lattice Socks Rounds 1&2: *P6,k3, P6; rep from * around.

Heel Preparation: Second paragraph – Return to ndl #1, turn, sl, p14…etc

Baby Bunting, February 2011

Charts for sleeves re-worked. Contact us for new copy of charts.

Back to Basics Cardigan in the Round, July 2010
Page 2…Body…Clarified the neckline decreases.

Back to Basics Kid’s Dress, Rev 10/2009

Page 1, under pattern stitches: Alternate hem- Row 1 should read: rs(right side): k3 *cast off 3 sts (there will be one st on right needle), k2, rep from * to end.

Page 2, under Front, alternate hem, the number of sts cast on for the largest size should be 183 not 180 sts.

Back to Basics Pullover in the Round:

On the second page of the pullover the sleeve increases should read: Increase 1 st each side of sleeve every 6th row o(1,0,6,16) times. There will be 86 sts when increases are complete.

Back to Basics Shaped Pullover, August 2008

Pg 1, Back: 2nd row, # of sts between markers should be 54(62,66,74,82)

Pg 2, Front: 2nd row, # of sts between markers should be 54(62,66,74,82)

Pg 2, Sleeve: 9th row, insert before cap shaping, # of sts after increases 68(68,72,76,82)

Pg 2, Sleeve: 11th row, should read, every other row 4(5,6,7,9) times etc.

Back to Basics Shaped Tee, Rev 10/2009

Diamond Pattern, Row 11 should have a K1 at the end.

Brooke’s Lace Shawl, September 2010

IGNORE colors

Page 2: Under Begin Corner increases If you will be adding a lace insert, beg working Chart 1 (be sure to note Long side and Short side directions below chart).

Rnd 1: Rnd 1: *Yo, k1, place white marker, work 9 repeats of row 1, work to 1 st before red/blue marker,yo, k1, slip marker, yo, k1, place white marker work 1 repeat of row 1, work to 1 st before red/blue marker, yo, k1, slip marker; rep from * once more.

Child’s Ski Hat, September 2007

You will now start top of hat decreases: **MEDIUM SIZE ONLY – Please read. Medium size will have 4 K sts, two before and two after the round marker that will NOT be decreased. These keep the decs lined up. For example, K1,*K6, K2tog*, K1. Continue in this fashion with the rest of the decreases listed below for Medium size.

Creston Side to Side Vest, February 2009

Pattern has been re-written. Call us for a new pattern insert!!!

Crocheted Winter Hat, Spetember 2008

Gauge 4 sts/inch in single crochet


Crocheted Mittens, September 2008

Gauge 4 sts/inch in single crochet Child’s Size is for a 6 to 7 year old.

Crocheted Gloves, Spetember 2008

Gauge 4 sts/inch in single crochet.

Deer Creek Pullover, June 2008

Under Shape Neck: NOTE—As always when shaping lace, any increase must be offset with a decrease to maintain stitch count. So when decreasing for the neck on Rows 1-10, you will need to either sneak in a decrease (preferable) or eliminate a YO to maintain the balance.

Family Socks, Baby Socks pattern, July 2008

Toe shaping. Needle 3 should read K1, SSK, K to end.

Flying Carpet Socks by Cat Bordhi (Duets project with Lorna’s Laces) June 2008

* Lace Panel, written instructions: Round 10 & 13 should read
Row 10: K1, yo, ssk, K3, K2tog, yo, K1 (take out that second ssk)
Row 13: K2, yo, ssk, K1, K2tog, yo, K2 (again, take out that second ssk).
* Page 5—Cuff, just under Figure 10, Repeat rnd 2 another 10 times (do NOT repeat rnd 1).

Gansey Vest, October 2010

Page 1 Back– Rows 9 and 10 do these rows for all three sizes!!

Hooded Baby Sweater, Feb 2010

Pattern Stitch Row 5: Should read P3 (4.4)……..P3(4,4) so that the larger sizes have the correct number of stitches before and after the cables.

Kid’s Cardigan, Feb 2010

Should read Seed St NOT Moss St for stitch pattern listed just underneath the sizes.

My Tye Sweater, Feb 2011

Right Front:

It is the same until after Repeat from * to *.  When piece measures 10 (11, 11.5)” from beginning, at the beginning of the next wrong side row, bind off 6 sts purlwise for underarm

Then Underarm Decreases:  Row 1:  Seed st border, work to last 4 st, K2tog, K2.
Row 2:  Purl to last 6 sts, work border.

Repeat these two rows 5 (6, 7) times, then work even to 10 (10, 10.5)” from underarm.  Next right side row, bind off 6 (7,8) sts.  Third right side row, bind off remaining sts.  Or short row if you chose that option on the back.

Now & Then Cardigan, June 2008

Page 2—Shape Shoulders: Last sentence should read…Bind off remaining 24(26, 28) sts.

Patti’s Socks, September 2008

Pattern: Row 1 should read— *K2tog, yo, K1,yo, SSK, K2*

Pompey’s Pillar Pullover, July 2008

* Problem with text wrapping on the columns at bottom of page 1.

* Last 2 lines of left hand column should be under BUTTONHOLES at bottom of right hand column. Buttonholes at bottom of page 1 should read—Next row-(buttonhole row) k2, bind off 2 tightly, work to within 1 st of marker, inc, slip marker, inc, rep at each marker, work to within 5 sts of end of row, k5.

River Twist Cardigan, January 2009

Page 2, Shape Underarm: Last line should read “Rep last 2 rows twice more- 34(37, 40) sts.”

Right Front: Last line should read “Change to Mock Rib pat and work even to 14 (14, 15) from beg, ending with a RS row.”

Shape V-neckline: Third line should read “Rep last 2 rows 13(15,16) times more 20(21,23)sts.”

Left Front: same as Right Front, above.

Page 3: very top of page should read “Rep last 2 rows 13(15,16) times more 20(21,23) sts.”

July 2010: Page 3 Sleeve…Shape Underarm…At beg of following 12 rows, etc

Sally’s Faux Fur Hat

Bottom of first page: last line should read 60 (66) stitches not 68.

Page 2: In list of decreases there is a line missing:
Between the 2 final 2nd decreases, there should be the following: Repeat 1st decrease rnd but K2 (3) between decreases–18 (24) stitches.

Page 2 at top of page.
Continue with stitch pattern through decreases listed below until Moguls (CC) runs out or becomes too uncomfortable to manipulate. At that point, continue knitting with MC only.

Snuggler and Tam

On the Tam pattern increase until there are 105 sts.

Soda Springs Sock, May 2008

Turn heel  Row 1 should be  Sl 1, P17, P2tog, P1

Twizzle Beanie, July 2008

Needle Size should be 4 unless you are a VERY tight knitter.  But always check your gauge!!

Willow Creek Cardigan, July 2009

Two clarifications….

Under sizes:
Depth of armhole from top of shoulder to underarm- 7 (8∏, 8 ≤, 9∏, 10∏, 11) inches.

Circumference of top of sleeve- 12π (14∏, 15π, 16π, 17≤, 18π ) inches.

Under Buttonholes:Row 1- work seed st on 2 sts, bind off 2, k to within 4 sts of end of row, seed st to end.

Row 2- work seed st on 4 sts, p to bound off sts, cast on 2 sts tightly, work seed st on 2 sts.

Make another buttonhole 3 inches from first one, and make all the others spaced the same.