Warm & Wooly Throw Trio

Design by Caryll McConnell and Nancy Brown. Find kits at your local yarn store or purchase patterns at Ravelry. All kits come with yarn – Mohair, Mountain Goat, Moguls, and Merino Ribbon. Three patterns are also included – Easy Knitted Throw (for beginning knitters) by Lisa Daniels, Lacey Mixed Fiber Throw (knitted lace version for intermediate knitters) by Caryll McConnell, and Crocheted Throw by Nancy Brown. * = our newest colors. Thanks to Desert Designs Knitz for the use of their Warm & Wooly images used as our featured images.


Copper King

Colors are Coppers - Beartooth, Copper, and Harmony Softrock.


Colors are Blacks and Deep Red - Blackbird, Burgundy, and Red Willow.


Colors are Lively Reds - Firestorm, Trading Post, and Snapdragon.


Colors are Greens - Clover, Olive, and Juniper.


Colors are Burgundy - Red Willow, Chokecherry, and Snapdragon.


Colors are Soft Pastel Blues - Cornflower, Wintergreen, and Northwind.

Gray Dawn

Colors are Grays - Meadowlark, Light Gray, and Osprey.


Colors are Plums - Mountain Twilight, Wild Plum, and Larkspur.

Hope Pink

Colors are all Hope Pink. 10% from sales of this kit go to Cancer Research.


Colors are Palest Blues - Harmony Ice, Cream, and Harmony Waterfall.


Colors are Lots of Red - Ruby River, Rich Red, and Trading Post.


Colors are Soft Gray Purples - Periwinkle, Harmony Storm, and Spring Thaw.

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