Kits and Patterns are available wherever Mountain Colors yarns are sold – see our list of Yarn Stores to find a supplier near you. In addition, many of our designs are available as downloads on Ravelry and Patternfish.


Aran Trio Socks

One pattern with 3 different cuff variations.

Argyle Illusions Socks

Stitches give the illusion of argyle.

Baby Foot Huggers

These socks hug a baby’s feet helping to keep them on.

Banker’s Socks

Easy-to-knit, mid-calf socks.

Blue Ridge Socks

Easy-to-knit top down socks with a cable-look design.

Bluebell Rib Socks

A fun pair of socks that are easy to knit.

Chain Reaction Socks

Everyday sock that features a simple stitch pattern.

Clog and Sandal Socks

Great socks to wear with your favorite clogs or sandals.

Diana’s Trail Socks

Basic walking socks with arch support.

Easy Crocheted Socks

Crocheted textured socks for winter.

Family Socks

The stitch pattern on the cuff resembles crochet but it is knit.

Fascine Braid Socks

Uses a simple-to-follow braid pattern.

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