Scarves and Shawls

Kits and Patterns are available wherever Mountain Colors yarns are sold – see our list of Yarn Stores to find a supplier near you. In addition, many of our designs are available as downloads on Ravelry and Patternfish.


Lacy Serpentine

Winter Lace makes this scarf by Jackie of HeartStrings Patterns light and airy.

Ladder Lace Scarf

A quick-to-knit snuggly scarf.

Lattice Scarf

Versatile, knit tube scarf.

Lauren’s Wimple

Easy-to-knit elegant wimple.

Lily’s Lace Scarf

Easy, knit, lace-stitch scarf.

Lone Mountain Loop Scarf

A fun loop scarf with a bit of texture.

Meandering Mesas Scarf

Knit scarf with meandering cables.

Medallion Crocheted Scarf

Fun-to-crochet scarf was inspired by 1988 pattern.

Missoula Cowl

Easy and relaxing slightly-textured cowl knit pattern.

Puget Sound Scarf

A quick, fun, knit scarf project.

Red River Mini-Shawl

A cute triangular mini-shawl/scarf.

Ribbon Rib Scarf

Light-weight wool knit scarf.

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