Scarves and Shawls

Kits and Patterns are available wherever Mountain Colors yarns are sold – see our list of Yarn Stores to find a supplier near you. In addition, many of our designs are available as downloads on Ravelry and Patternfish.


Ladder Lace Scarf

A quick-to-knit snuggly scarf.

Lattice Scarf

Versatile, knit tube scarf.

Lauren’s Wimple

Easy-to-knit elegant wimple.

Lily’s Lace Scarf

Easy, knit, lace-stitch scarf.

Lone Mountain Loop Scarf

A fun loop scarf with a bit of texture.

Meandering Mesas Scarf

Knit scarf with meandering cables.

Medallion Crocheted Scarf

Fun-to-crochet scarf was inspired by 1988 pattern.

Missoula Cowl

Easy and relaxing slightly-textured cowl knit pattern.

Puget Sound Scarf

A quick, fun, knit scarf project.

Red River Mini-Shawl

A cute triangular mini-shawl/scarf.

Ribbon Rib Scarf

Light-weight wool knit scarf.

Roundup Cowl

A great, easy-to-stitch, take-along project and fun to wear.

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