Our hand-painted Colorways are available in most yarn styles.


Moose Creek

Deep browns, charcoal, dark plum, and a splash of midnight river blue.

Mountain Tango

Zippy lime green with hints of vivid yellow, electric blue, fuschia and a spark of purple & gold.

Mountain Twilight

A deep rich mix of pleasing purples with a hint of chocolate & blue.


Pastel blue with a touch of lavender, sage green and silver.


Deep silvery gray, with a hint of brown, burgundy, blue and green.


Rich pink with a touch of charcoal and copper.


Teals, Peacock, Deep blue and a splash of Lime green.


Soft lavender, gray-lavender, icey blue, and pale green.

Pine Cone

Rich blend of warm and cool browns with a dash of dark plum.

Poppy Trail

Pink, clover green and butternut squash.

Red Tail Hawk

Rich blend of burnt sienna, dark brown & warm browns.

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