Celebrating 25 YEARS of Color!

As of January 2017 Mountain colors has been dyeing Beautiful Handpainted Yarn for 25 years!  To celebrate our birthday we are featuring a year of Featured Designers with whom we have worked over the years.  Each month we will feature a different designer, one of their designs that uses our yarns.  A special will be offered on the yarn used in that design.  Silver Anniversary is our anniversary colorway and we will also be bringing back some “retro” colorways. 


JANUARY Featured Designer:  Sally Melville 

Sally’s Design: L’Enveloppe  –  Sally’s original design was worked in Monarch, which is now discontinued. We have had it re-knit in our Winter Silk yarn and OH MY GOODNESS. It turned out SO beautiful.  We used seed stitch (one of the options) and the sheen of the yarn looks so nice and the unique style of the garment is so flattering.




FEBRUARY Feature Designer: Terry Gale

Terry’s Design: Trompe L’Oeil Cowl – The design is the Trompe L’Oeil Cowl with a design element of oversized knitting stitches done in the fair isle technique.  It’s done in the 4/8’s worsted using one multicolor skein and one skein from the Harmony group. 




MARCH Feature Designer: Lesley Jennings

Lesley’s Design: Turtle Shell Cowl -The minute Lesley saw our Turtle Lake colorway in Twizzle the “Turtle Shell Cowl” popped into her head.  “We have box turtles here on Cape Cod and I found a stitch that reminded me of the shell.” This design can knit as a cowl or expanded into a loop. Both designs take a single skein of Twizzle. 



APRIL Feature Designer: Mari Chiba

Mari’s Design: Maaran Cowl – The Maaran Cowl is a simple slip stitch cowl, is designed with River Wash Sport.  It’s really easy to adjust to any yarn.  When I was knitting it I just wanted to see how the colors would work up, so I’d keep saying to myself, “just a few more rounds”… I knit the whole cowl in just a week. 




MAY Feature Designer: Amy Loberg

Amy’s Design: Feather Dance – The 25th anniversary shawl, Feather Dance is an adaptation of a doily pattern my grandmother wrote in July on 1942.  I felt a strong connection to her as I translated her pattern and worked through her 92 rows, some of which had 3 versions.  The pattern needed to be adapted from a round doily to a half moon shape and I added more rows to make it large enough for a shawl.  The pattern has been sitting for about 5 ear waiting from the right yarn.  When I saw MTC’s latest yarn, Silkdance, I new it was match made in heaven.  The Silkdance holds the stitch definition perfectly and has beautiful drape that the shawl needs. 


JUNE Feature Designer – Cat Bordhi

Cat’s Design: Mountain Mitts – This design celebrates the 25th anniversary of Mountain Colors, a company whose dreamy palette I fell in love with long before I became a professional knit designer with the publication of my first book in 2001.  When I met and became friends with owners and dye-masters, Diana and Leslie, I learned that their harmonious colorways with poetic names arise from the Montana landscape where they live – literally, the colors of the mountains, rivers, foliage, and wildlife.  These mitts, worked flat in garter stitch with a design band that highlights the shifting shades of the yarn, are a soothing, rhythmic knit and are meant to honor Diana and Leslie’s quarter century of devotion to all of us. 



JULY Feature Designer – Merrily Parker

Merrily’s Design: Pebble Pathways Capelet – This design is a short lace capelet knit in the round with Twizzlefoot. It is a shorter version of Pebble Pathways Poncho.  The pebble stitch represents pathways in a garden of the frost flowers lace.




SEPTEMBER Feature Designer – Sandra Mclver

Sandra’s Design: Cowl-Capelet-Hood – Broad bands of garter stitch taper from front to back in this multi-functional cowl-capelet-hood by Knit, Swirl! author Sandra Mclver.  Drop it over your head with the widest bands forward, and it will settle, stack and drape gracefully, one band upon the other.  Need a bit more warmth, or a change of style?  Pull the bottom edge down over your shoulders for a capelet with a bit of a strand collar that forms effortlessly.  Windy day? Turn it around and wear it as a hood that drapes down at the back, warms your noggin and snuggles in just below the chin.  Mountain Colors Twizzle gives this flexible accessory the drape, texture, and brilliant rich color that make it so special.  Uses 3 skeins of Twizzle. 


OCTOBER Feature Designer –  Chris Bylsma

Chris’s Design: The Viking – The ‘Viking’ is a cowl, headband or hat, depending on your need! It’s reversible and has a drawcord through the naturally created “eyelets” to create a hat.  It was originally designed for a transatlantic Voyage of the Vikings knitting cruise and definitely came in handy even though it was July.  The Mountain Colors Perspectives were so fun to use for the Viking that I did not just one, but two versions.  One is in Twizzle Perspectives and the other is in Twizzlefoot Perspectives and Winter Lace.  Both started with the darker colors and moved to the lighter tones.  There was enough yarn left that you could make different width color sections and/or work deliberate random stripes. 



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