Mountain Seasons Yarn Club

This year we are trying a new concept for our Yarn Club.

We are celebrating each season with a unique and special project.


Each club shipment will include:
  1. 3 100 gram Skeins of Mountain Colors Yarn in 3 unique custom colors that will coordinate with the season and each other.
  2. A design pattern or two to use with your skeins.
  3. A special knitting gift just for you.
  4. Notes from Mountain Colors, special add-ons and coupons, and tips for your project.

You have the decision to buy each season separately or all 3 at one time.


Mountain Seasons Spring will ship March 20th.  $125

Mountain Seasons Summer will ship June 20th.  $125

Mountain Seasons Autumn will ship September 20th.  $125

***A Year of Seasons will include all three shipments.  $330

(A full year subscription only available until 5-1-2020 )


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