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Yarn Styles
star = New styles for 2015


4/8's Wool

Good basic worsted weight yarn. Use it alone or team it with other Mountain Colors yarn. Makes great ribbing and warp too. Available in all Colorways


100% Wool

Links to Patterns:

Broken Rib Stitch Mittens
Clog & Sandal Sock
Pillbox Hat
Pinwheel Hat

250 yds/
100 gm skein

4 - 6 sts/in.

6 -7

3-Ply Wool

Soft as cotton, great for "next to your skin" wear. Available in all Colorways


100% Targhee Wool

Links to Patterns:
Kid's Cardigan
Helmville Crocheted Beanie & Scarf
3-Ply Sweater Coat
Christmas Stockings

100 gm skein

3 - 5 sts/in.

8 - 10


Our soft, strong, and washable yarn. Perfect for socks and great for other projects. Can be used in place of Weavers Wool in our designs.This popular yarn is now being offered in all DARK Solitary
Colors. It just won’t dye in the pastels but the darker colors are rich and gorgeous! Not available in pastel Colorways.


60 % Superwash Wool, 25 % Mohair, 15 % Nylon

Links to Patterns:
Bluebell Rib Socks
Hooded Baby Sweater
Skalkaho Falls Pullover
Soda Springs Socks
Twisted Lace Scarf
Easy Crocheted Socks
Jonesy’s Toe Up Socks
Ruffle Scarf
Any Pattern using Weavers Wool will work.

400 yds/
100 gram skein

single strand:
5 - 6 sts/in.

double strand:
4 - 5 sts/in.

3 - 4

Super bulky thick and thin yarn spun with very soft wool. Perfect for large thick cowls and throws.
Available in all Colorways.

Bozeman Yarn

100% soft wool

8 oz skein
250 yards


Available in all Colorways

Crazyfoot Yarn

90% Superwash Merino Wool,
10% Nylon
425 yds per 100 gm skein 7-8 sts/inch 1-3


Our original Cashmere yarn was discontinued by our supplier. We’ve found a gorgeous new blend that knits at the same gauge as the original yarn (sport weight). Available in all Colorways

Jeanette Yarn

65% Cashmere, 35% cultivated Silk


Approx 50 gm skein / 158 yards per skein

4 - 5 sts/in.

5 - 8


Available in all Colorways

Jeanette Yarn

65% Cashmere, 35% cultivated Silk 435 yards/100 gm skein 7-8 sts/in 2-5

Merino Ribbon
Incredibly soft, yet light weight. Knit stitches are clear and distinct. Available in all Colorways

Merino Ribbon

80% Superfine Merino Wool,
20% Nylon

Links to Patterns:
Ribbon and Feathers Cardigan
Tasha's Hooded Scarf
Ribbon Rib Scarf
Ribbon T-Shirt

245 yds/
4 0z. skein

4 sts/in.

8 - 10

Lumpy, bumpy and a favorite for its texture and rich color. Available in all Colorways


96% Wool,
4% Nylon

Links to Patterns:
Portland Hat
Mountainside Vest
Mixed Fiber Throw
Rocky Mtn. Lap Blanket

65 yds/
100 gm skein

2.5 sts/in.

10 - 11

Soft and elegant with beautiful halo. Available in all Colorways


78% Mohair, 13% Wool, 9% Nylon

Links to Patterns:
Mohair Lace Scarf
Elegant Textured Shawl
Mohair & Crepe Cardigan

225 yds/
100 gm skein

3 sts/in.

8 - 10

Mohair Loop

Mohair loops spun into a fun to use yarn. Available in all Colorways

Mohair Loop

93% Mohair, 4% Wool and 3% Nylon


60 yds/
4 oz. skein

2.5 - 3 sts/in.

9 -10


This wonderfully soft thick/thin yam is a worsted weight and gives a lovely handspun look to your project. Available in all Colorways

Monarch Yarn

100% Merino Wool


Approx 100 gm skein / 200 yards per skein

4.5-5 sts/in.


Mountain Goat
A smooth non-fluffy mohair/wool blend that is excellent for doing colorwork and stitch patterns. Available in all Colorways

Mountain Goat

55% Mohair, 45% Wool

Links to Patterns:
Fairisle Mittens
Lace Vest
Mountainside Vest
Foothill Vest
Wild Berry Jacket
Mountain Goat Pullover
Lost Trail Cabled Pullover
Deer Creek Pullover
Cape Cod Cardigan

230 yds/
100 gm skein

5 sts/in.

6 - 8

River Twist

Super soft for next to skin wear. View select colors

River Twist

2-ply 100% merino wool

240 yds/skein Approx. 100 gm

4-5 sts/in


Silk n' Ewe

Available in all Colorways

Silk n Ewe

50 % Wool
50% Raw Silk

Links to Patterns:
Spring Cardigan
Silk n' Ewe Scarf

250 yds/skein
75 gm

5 -6 sts/in


Targhee Top/ Bluefaced Leicester

This is a VERY soft wool fiber for next-to-skin wear with a nice crimp and 3”+ Staple length.

Available in:
Alpine, Big Sky, Cedar, Chinook, Chocolate, Copper, Cornflower, Deep Grape, Evening Star, Firestorm, Gold Rush, Harmony Sweetgrass, Headwaters, Indian Corn, Lilac, Loganberry, Lupine, Northwind, Osprey, Peppergrass, Ruby River, Sandstone, Spring Eclipse, Summertime, Sun River, Trading Post, and Wilderness.

Targhee Top

100% targhee wool top

Easy to spin.4 oz. skeins



We have teamed up with the wonderful folks at Mountain Meadow Woolen Mill in Wyoming. They spin a soft, squishy merino, we dye it and then they ply it all together and we have an incredible bulky weight yarn. View select colors

100% Merino wool


100 yds/100 gm skein

2-2.5 sts/in


A fun wool yarn plied with a strand of silk that creates a heathered effect. Not available in pastel Colorways.


85% merino wool, 15% silk

Links to Patterns:
Twizzle Beanie
Dropped Lace Stitch Scarf
Lily's Lace Scarf
Haystack Vest
Back to Basics Pullover in the Round
Salmon Valley Cardigan
Knit Night Socks
Now and Then Cozy Vest

250 yds/
100 gm skein

4 - 5 sts/in.

4 - 6
Twizzle Foot Star
A fingering weight version of
our popular Twizzle base.

Twizzle foot yarn
53% Superwash Merino, 17% Domestic Wool, 17% Silk, 13% Nylon 450 yd/skein Approx. 100 gm

Suggested sock gauge: 7-8

Weaver's Wool
Soft and practical yarn spun for a wide variety of knitting and weaving projects. Sett = 8 - 10 e.p.i. NOT re-skeined. Available in all Colorways

See our Weavers Kits

Weavers Wool

100% Wool

Links to Patterns:
Simply Seamless Vest
Weaver's Wool Pullover
Feathers and Fan Lace Shawl
Hat Trio
Many of our Sock Patterns

1450 yd/skein 16 oz hank.

20 sts - 3.5”

4 - 6

Weaver's Wool Quarters
Same yarn as Weavers Wool, just broken down into a smaller skein. Available in all Colorways

See our Weavers Kits

Waever's Wool

100% Wool

Links to Patterns:
Fishladder Socks
Ripple Socks
Lauren's Whimple

350 yds/
100 gm skein

20 sts - 3.5”

4 - 6

Winter Lace

Available in:
Chinook, Crazy Woman, Deep Blue, Harmony Honey, Harmony Lake, Harmony Mallard, Harmony Moss,Harmony Rose, Harmony Starlight, Lilac, Marias Falls, Mountain Twilight, Red Tail Hawk, Red Willow, Ruby River, Sagebrush, Sierra, Sping Eclipse, and Wild Horse.

50% Wool, 50% Silk lace weight yarn

Approx. 1200 yds Approx. 100 gm skein

Winter Lace Jr.

600 yds
50 gm 

7-8 st/sin


Winter Silk


50% Wool, 50% Silk in a
worsted weight yarn
200 yds/90 gms    

River Wash Sport

100% Merino Superwash wool 345 yds/100 gms    

River Wash Worsted

100% Merino Superwash wool 220 yds/100 gms    

Wool Crepe
Tiny, tight loops wonderful for weaving and fun used double for knitting. NOT re-skeined. Available in all Colorways

Wool Crepe

100% Merino Wool

Links to Patterns:
Mountain Moss Vest
Mohair & Crepe Cardigan
Brooke’s Lace Shawl

1250 yds/
12 oz. sk.

Dbl. strand:
4 sts/in.

8 - 9

Half Crepe
Same as Wool Crepe, just broken down into a smaller skein.

100% Merino Wool

See Wool Crepe above.

630 yds/
6 oz. skein

Dbl. strand:
4 sts/in.

8 - 9

Wooly Feathers
Fantastic, fun, and feathery. This yarn will make a great accent yarn in your next project. Available in all Colorways


65% Kid Mohair, 15% Wool, 20% Nylon

Links to Patterns:
Ribbon and Feathers Cardigan
Gypsy Scarf
Elegant Textured Shawl
Mixed Fiber Throw

75 yds/
100 gm skein

3 1/2 sts/in

8 - 10

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