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Scarves & Shawls

Patterns are available wherever Mountain Colors yarns are sold - see our list of Yarn Stores to find a supplier near you. In addittion, many of our designs are available as downloads on Ravelry and Patternfish.

star New patterns for 2013
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Arrowhead Lace Scarf

Arrowhead Lace Scarf
A single skein of our Jeannette yarn maks a super-soft scarf! Uses 1 skein Jeannette. Design by Diana McKay.



Bead Lace Scarf II 
In this design Jackie at HeartStrings Fiber Arts uses beads with 1 skein of Winter Lace Jr.  It is lovely.


Button Up Cowl

Brooke’s Lace Shawl
A clever shawl with sleeves! Will stay on your shoulders for a nice lacey accent. Use 1 12 oz. skein Wool Crepe. Design by Brooke Nio.


Bulky Lace Cowl
Super bulky yarn makes this a soft, thick, snuggly wrap for the cold winter months. Enough yarn to make matching armlets. Uses 1 skein Bozeman. Designed by Diana McKay.


Button Up Cowl
Use 1 skein Mountain Fusion Teton. Design by Diana McKay.

Caryll’s Cashmere Wimple
This yummy neck warmer is done in an easy lace stitch that creates a softly rippling edge. It is very soft!! Use 3 skeins Cashmere. Design by Caryll McConnell.


Cashmere Lace Scarf
A wonderful, warm scarf in a luxury fiber for someone special. Lace stitch is easy to remember. Adapted from a tilting block design by Barbara Walker. Use 2 skeins Cashmere.


Crest of the Wave Lace Scarf
Another beautiful lace design by Jackie at HeartStrings Fiber Arts.  Uses 1 skein Winter Lace Jr. 



Diagonal Lace Scarf
This is an easy lace pattern that even a new knitter can remember. It has only a 2 row repeat. Quick to knit for yourself or a friend. Finished size approx. 5 1/4” x 55”. Use 1 skein River Twist. Designed by Diana McKay.


Diamond scarf

Diamonds & Lace Scarf
A stylish scarf knit in our soft, warm Bearfoot. Use 1 skein Bearfoot. Design by Patti Black.



Dropped Lace Stitch Scarf
An easy to knit diagonal scarf with temporary stitches that are dropped for an easy lace effect. The scarf is bordered on all sides with narrow bands of seed stitch. 2 skeins Twizzle. Design by Dee Jones.


Fandango Lace Scarf

Elegant Textured Shawl
Uses 5 different yarn styles to create a very elegant accent piece. Knit side to side with a tail left at the end of each row to form fringe. Use 2 skeins each Moguls and Mountain Goat; I skein each: Mohair, Merino Ribbon, Wooly Feathers. Design by Lisa Daniels.

Fandango Lace Scarf
A reversable stitch pattern works well with this yarn for a lovely scarf. Uses 1 skein Crazyfoot. Design by Merrily Parker.



Feather Soft

Fantastic Lace Scarf
Designed by Merrily Parker, this beautiful design reminds us of feathers and fan.  Uses 1 skein Crazyfoot.



Feather Soft star
Designed by Jackie of HeartStrings Fiber Arts using 1 skein of Louisa. Super soft and wonderful.





Feathers and Fan Lace Shawl
This fun, functional, rectangular piece has a feathers and fan lace design throughout. Use 1 hank of Weavers Wool. Design by Ann Regis.


Gypsy Scarf
A fun scarf knit sideways with two different yarns. Warm and Wooly. Use I skein Merino Ribbon and 1 skein Wooly Feathers. Design by Lisa Daniels.



This luxurious twisted scarf is very easy to knit and extremely soft around your neck. Uses 1 skein Jeannette.


Lacy Interlacements star
Designed by Jackie of HeartStrings Fiber Arts using a skein of Half Crepe. A wonderful sampling of lace stitches.



Lacy Serpentine Scarf star
Designed by Jackie of HeartStrings Fiber Arts using 1 skein of Winter Lace Jr. This is an easy lace design.



Ladder Lace Scarf
This quick to knit snuggly scarf uses lace pattern to create a ladder effect. Uses 1 skein Merino Ribbon. Designed by Merrily Parker.


Lattice Scarf

Lattice Scarf
A tube scarf with loosely knit stitches and many options for wearing. Use 1 skein of Half Crepe. Design by Shari Hirst.


Lauren’s Whimple
The simple lace design along the edges of this elegant headgear makes it special yet easy to knit. Use 2 skeins Weavers Wool Quarters. Design by Lauren Parker.



Lily’s Lace Scarf
This scarf has a lace stitch pattern that is easy to remember. Use 1 skein Twizzle. Design by Diana McKay.



Loganberry star
Designed by Jackie of HeartStrings Fiber Arts using 1 skein of Louisa. So soft and elegant.




Maple Leaves Scarf star
Designed by Jackie of HeartStrings Fiber Arts using 1 skein Winter Lace Jr. A lovely stitch pattern and this wonderful yarn.

Meandering Meadows Scarf star
A clever textured design that flows the length of the scarf. Uses 1 skein Crazyfoot.


Mohair Scarf


Mohair Lace Scarf
Three different lace patterns and one skein of Mountain Colors Mohair help you create a soft, colorful, unique accent for your jacket or coat. Design by Dee Jones.


Montana Mobius

Create a special one-of-a-kind gift for yourself or your best friend. Finished size 10” x 60”. Use 2 skeins Jeanette. Design by Dee Jones.



Ribbon Scarf

Puget Sound Scarf
Knit on the diagonal, this is a quick, fun project. Use 1 skein Bearfoot. Design by Shari Hirst.



Ribbon Rib Scarf

Knit this light-weight soft wool scarf with a single skein of Merino Ribbon. The lace pattern is easy to remember. Design by Dee Jones.



Red River Mini-Shawl star
A cute triangular mini-shawl/scarf with an overall openwork stitch. Uses 1 skein Crazyfoot. Designed by Amanda Muscha.


Ruffle Scarf

This stylish scarf is begun by knitting a center section and later picking up stitches along the edges to form a ruffle that is worked in two parts. Use 1 skein Bearfoot. Design by Merrily Parker.


Sawtooth Capelet
This cute little shoulder cover has a lace edge and a bit of texture. Uses 1 Half Crepe for a lovely bouncy fabric.



Skalkaho Cowl star
This cowl is crocheted with our wonderfully soft Monarch, The stitch pattern gives it texture and it is quick and easy to make. Uses 1 skein Monarch. Designed by Joni Walker.



Spring Thaw Scarf and Hat 
This lovely duo can be made with one skein of our Crazyfoot yarn.  They both have some cables and a bit of lace.



Summerdale Shawl star
A crescent shaped mini-shawl/scarf with a touch of lace. Uses 1 skein Crazyfoot. Designed by Brenda Castiel.



Tasha’s Hooded Scarf
This comfy scarf is a snap to knit. It can be made with an optional small seam that forms a hood and scarf all
in one. Use 2 skeins Merino Ribbon Design by Diana McKay.




Twisted Stitch Cowl

Twisted Lace Scarf
An easy pattern knit in Bearfoot, makes it so soft. Use 1 skein Bearfoot. Design by Eileen Bradshaw.



Twisted Stitch Cowl
Abulky yarn and an easy to remember stitch makes a lovely accessory for a cold winter day. Uses 1 skein 3-ply Wool. Design by Leslie Taylor.



Twizzle and Lace Scarf star
A reversible lace design and fun picot hems make this a fun project to knit. Uses 1 skein Twizzle.



V-Start Triangular Lace Shawl starDesigned by Jackie of HeartStrings Fiber Arts using 1 skein Winter Lace. Another beautiful design by Jackie.


Winter Lace Loop star
Designed by Jackie of HeartStrings Fiber Arts using 1 skein Winter Lace Jr. A lovely accent.



Wrapped Up in Bows star
Designed by Jackie of HeartStrings Fiber Arts using 1 skein Winter Lace for the large size or 1 skein Winter Lace Jr for the smaller size.


Yellowstone River Scarf
Yellowstone River Scarf
Uses 1 assorted bag of Just One Ounce. Design by Leslie Taylor

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