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Montana Color Kits - Colorful projects for the traveling knitter

These projects are great carry along projects and make a fun project to order for group knit-a-longs. All kits are sold by color family: Reds, Purples, Blues, Greens, Pastels, Autumns.
These designs are available ONLY in kit form.

= New Kits for 2014
Bozeman Headband
This Montana Color Kit comes with enough Bozeman to make a stylish wooly headband.
Color Ride Cowl
Comes with 5 mini-skeins of Moguls. Available in 4 color families: Reds, Brights, Autumns, Mahogany and Ice Blue.
Rainbow Trout Hat
Cute kid’s hat knit with our 3-ply Wool yarn. Kit includes two skeins, each 2 oz.
Flower Child’s Hat
Easy to knit hat with a small bit of fairisle colorwork and a fun textured flower. Kit includes 2 skeins Just One Ounce 4/8’s Wool and enough Mogules for a flower.
Fairisle Boot Toppers
Try adding these fun accents to your boots. Make several pairs to match your wardrobe. Kit includes 2 skeins dark color Just One Ounce 4/8’s Wool and 2 different Just One Ounce accen.t
Crocheted Lace Scarf
This lovely scarf is quick to crochet and makes a colorful accent to your Kit includes 3 skeins Just One Ounce Mountain Goat.
Fairisle & Felt Christmas Stocking
A fun fairisle project. The felt is hand dyed and coordinates with the yarn in the kit. Pick from one of three choices: Greens, Roses or Blues. Kit contains 4 colors of Just One Ounce 4/8’s Wool & felt stocking.
Knight’s Banner Armlets
Fairisle design and easy to knit armlets. Uses 4 skeins of Just One Ounce Weavers Wool. Available in choice of two color combinations — Blues or Plums.
Color Kit Yellowstone River Scarf
This kit makes a fun textured scarf. The scarf is knit lengthwise and it includes 5 different types of Mountain Colors yarn, approx 1oz each, and it has 5 different colorways that blend for a colorful project.

X-Country Mittens
These fairsle mittens have a design on the back of the hand and a small color pattern on the palm. Kit includes 3 different colorways of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat plus a cream skein (approx 1 oz) for the design.

Lone Mountain Loop Scarf
This fun loop scarf has a bit of texture and is knit in the round. Kit contains 3 skeins (approx 1oz each) of Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon plus 2 skeins ( 1 oz eac) of textured yarn.

Red Rock Socks
This basic sock design uses the color of the yarns to add style to your socks. Kit contains 1 skein (approx 100 gm) Mountain Colors Crazyfoot and 1 skein (approx 1 oz) of a contrasting colorways for cuff, heel and toe.
Going to the Sun Scarf
This lovely scarf is knit lengthwise using 5 different colorways of Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon (approx 1 oz each). The simple modified slip stitch adds a bit of color movement and texture.
Paradise Valley Fingerless Mittens
These comfortable, practical fingerless mittens are very quick to knit. Kit contains Mountain Colors Twizzle and enough Mohair Loop for the textured cuffs.
Missoula Earflap Hat
This stylish hat looks great with the earflaps up or down. Kit contains 2 types of yarn: Teton for the crown and a textured yarn for the brim and earflaps.

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